What is CandBox

CandBox - a hight performance self-hosted ecommerce software solution. It's built-in fully integrated shopping cart or business website.

Preview user's interfaces manual english-basic (PDF)

CandBox - Try before you pay

Latest software, latest business store solution

Fastest way to shopping, built-in paypal rest api and local carrier freight calculator

candbox software diagram

CandBox software's advantage

New ecommerce solution

Full integration of business website and online retail website.

Powerful software architecture

High-availability design, million-level data management capabilities. Help business growth without worries.

Excellent software gene

CandBox is a modern e-commerce software based on C language. Guarantee of high quality service.

Wide server adaptability

Cloud server, master-slave data, CDN acceleration, data cache and mail queue delay. Easy to expand.

CandBox application

Candbox has built-in powerful template customization function. Each theme has 10 built-in templates to choose. For example: product catalog, product list, product detail page are built with 10 templates to choose.

Each template file you can easy to change and no any backend code.

Create business website

For worldwide business and marketing website. You need a new ecommerce software that can customize templates.

Clothes or apparel, beer or food, cosmetics or luxury goods sites can also be perfectly adapted.

You can also build backup data on a local server and then easily synchronize the data to an online website.

Create ecommerce shopping cart website

CandBox built-in paypal rest api payment or general booking order to allow manual confirm the payment.

Fully built-in local carrier freight calculator, you can self-customize any shipping carrier name, eg. dhl,ups,ems,fedex,usps and more.

Customers do not need to log in, no need to fill in contact information. Just click to quickly confirm the order and pay.

CandBox's difference with other shopping cart software

CandBox is fully integrated software. all in one and only one file. without backend code. powerfully theme customize than you can easy to done. Fastest response experience for website loading.

One-time authorization, permanent use of software.

Why use CandBox

Simple to use, No need expansion and it's full built-in, Meet the business for a long time, stable and safe.

Candbox supports GDPR. Comply with EU general data protection regulations and laws and regulations.